Request and legislation of Criminal Records in Ireland for the use abroad

Request and legislation of Criminal Records in Ireland for the use abroad

If you want to live abroad and want to apply for a visa and / or work abroad, it is very likely that in order to be granted a visa or to be able to start a new job they will ask you for your Criminal Records.

Requesting Criminal Records in Ireland for the use abroad

This means that you have to request the Criminal Records at your local Garda station.

This record can also be requested by another person on your behalf. We at have offices in Dublin and Cork and we are more than happy to request this document on your behalf. This might be especially handy if your Garda station is very busy or if you live outside the city and would have to travel a long way just to request and collect it.

Legalisation of Criminal Records in Cork and Dublin

When you have received your Criminal Record from your local Garda station, you will need to have them legalised in order for them to be recognized abroad. For many countries, you can legalise your document through an apostille. An Apostille is a way of recognising a document for foreign authorities. It follows The Apostille Convention. It is a certificate which is issued, in the case of Ireland, by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

We at can help you with this as well. We can request the Criminal Record on your behalf and legalise it either through an apostille or through a different authentication process. Due to years of experience in dealing with different kind of documents which needed to be legalised for different countries and purposes, we know exactly how to legalise your document correctly, so that it will be recognised in China.

Translation of Criminal Records for the use abroad in our offices in Cork and Dublin

Additionally, we can also translate your Criminal Records, as we have translators with years of experience and expertise in certificates, such as these since we receive those to be translated from or into Chinese on a regular basis. Hence, we have quick turnaround times for a reasonable price and we can send your documents to you (in Ireland) or you can pick them up in Dublin or in Cork.

Further information on our services

Feel free to give us a call if you are unsure what needs to be done to legalise your document or if you simply want to start with the process.



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