If you are going to travel to Vietnam as a tourist, for studying, business, to visit relatives or for any other reason you will need to obtain a visa. It should be issued by the Embassy of Vietnam before travelling to Vietnam. However, you are not required to obtain a visa for transiting through the airport. The embassy of Vietnam is located in London. Your passport will be sent to our London office and they will organize your visa application and the whole process.

Visaworld Ireland is part of the international group that has offices in many countries of the world. These knowledge and experience enable us to find the most efficient ways for obtaining any kind of visa for you.

VisaWorld Ireland has been providing visa support globally for many years now and has offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast. Our offices are conveniently and centrally located in all of these cities. Call us first and we will give you a consultation on what paperwork you need for your Vietnamese Holiday or Business Visa or any other visas or immigration progamme worldwide. All you will need to do after that is drop your paperwork to us in one of these cities and we will do the rest whether you need just an invitation or full processing of your visa.

We have offices in New York, USA, and Toronto, Canada, where we employ in-house US and Canada Immigration Lawyers who will be happy to answer the questions you might have on any US or Canada Visas and Immigration Programmes.

The processing time for Vietnamese Business of Holiday Visa is five business days once we have submitted the complete set of documents. It might also be possible to request for rush service which will take 2 business days after the receipt of complete application, but will involve extra processing fee.

There is also an option for the next day processing which is the most expensive option.

Application procedure and fee for children are the same as adults if the children have their own passports. If children are recorded passports of their parents you will not need separate visas for them and will not need to pay for them, but you will need to include them into your application and attach one photo. For children under 14 parents sign the applications.

Vietnam Holiday and Business Visa
Practically, all foreigners travelling to Vietnam will need this visa. If you obtain the holiday visa you you can travel to Vietnam for up to 30 days. You cannot obtain the visa earlier than 6 months before the departure date. According to Vietnamese regulations, the holiday visa has one month validity. However, you can extend it for another month at a later stage. Please note that you will not be entitled to work if you have this type of visa and you will have to leave Vietnam once the visa has expired.

Below is the list of documents required for Vietnamese holiday visa application:

  • Original passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity from the travelling date with at least one blank page left.
  • Completed online visa application form.
  • One colour picture taken not earlier that twelve months before the application date (4 x 6 cm)
  • Visa fee
  • In case you are applying for a multiple entry visa please send travel itinerary as well

To apply for Vietnamese business visa you will need to submit the same set of documents plus:

  • Invitation letter from by your Vietnamese that should include full address and contact number. The invitation letter should state the purpose of the visit and stay duration;
  • Letter from current employer with same information
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