Authentication of Documents Issued in Ireland for Use in China

Authentication of Documents Issued in Ireland for Use in China

Visa World offers authentication of Irish documents for use in People's Republic of China. We are an accredited visa service company based in Ireland with our main offices in Dublin and Cork. Our company has a long experience in providing authentication services of various documents for further use in China. If you are looking for an exceptional customer service, fair prices and a quick service, then Visa World is your best bet!

Authentication/legalisation of Irish documents for China

If your document originates from Ireland, then in order to use it officially in China it may need to be legalised (authenticated) by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Your document will be apostilled or authenticated so it can be used with authorities in China. Authentication certifies the genuineness of a signature, seal or stamp of an official. Visa World can take care of the whole legalisation process from submission, collection to personal delivery into your hands. This service is available for a vast array of documents both private and business-related. Most common documents that we deal with on a daily basis are birth, death and marriage certificates, educational certificates such as diplomas and degree certificates, Power of Attorney, company documents, court documents, medical reports etc. Equally, if you have a document that was issued in China and you wish to use it officially in other countries, Visa World can assist you in this process as well. Just send us your document or bring it to us personally and we will take care of the rest. Our services go beyond authentication as we can help you with certified official translation of your documents between English and Chinese.

Confidential authentication services in Dublin and Cork

Visa World in Dublin and Cork deals with numerous confidential documents on a daily basis. Whether it’s our clients’ medical reports or companies’ sensitive information, we are dedicated to a complete confidentiality. We have established strict confidentiality rules for all our company’s staff. A big advantage of our company is that we deal with your documents at all stages by ourselves – including submission and transport. This way you can be sure that your document will not get lost or damaged.

If you would like to place your order with Visa World in Cork/Dublin, please get in touch with us using the contact details below. For more information and an overview of our services please visit our website: Contact us for an instant free quote on: Get a Quote. Tel.: 015549664. Address: Visa World, Second Floor, 33 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1, D01X4P1 32 Grand Parade, Cork.

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