VisaWorld Ireland specialises in visa support and has offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast. Our offices are conveniently and centrally located in all of these cities. Call us first and we will give you a consultation on what paperwork you need for your Canadian student visa or any other type of Canadian visa or immigration progamme. All you will need to do after that is drop your paperwork to us in one of these cities and we will do the rest whether you need just an invitation or full processing of your visa.

Our company also has offices in Canada and in-house Canadian Immigration Lawyer who will be happy to answer the questions you might have on Canadian Visas and Immigration Programmes.

Canada offers one of the highest quality of education and living standards in the world. If you want enjoy all of that contact us by phone or email to find out more about Canadian Student Visa.

What do you need to receive a student visa to Canada?

  1. Obtain a letter from an educational institution. The copy can be sent by fax or email.
  2. Complete an application if you are going to study in Canada over six months.
    If you are going to study in Canada less than six months: according to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act if you are going to study in Canada for less than six months you do noe require a student visa. Instead, you will need a temporary resident permit.
    You can obtain a student permit even if you are going to study in Canada for over 6 months. It can be useful if:
    • You are planning to extend your studying in Canada, e.g., enter University and stay in Canada after your courses for over six months.
    • If you are planning to work.
    • If the course you are enrollin into last longer than six months, but you are planning to leave Canada within six months without completing the course.
  3. You will need to gather the basic package of documents such as bank statement, job reference and any other documents that will convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada upon completion of the course
  4. Additional documents such as:
    • Confirmation of sufficient funds to support yourself and pay for accommodation during your stay in Canada;
    • If a company is paying for the course you will need a letter from the company;
    • In the case if children under 18 (or 19 in some provinces) are travelling to Canada without their parents they will need additional documents from their parents;
  5. Bring all the documents to us, we will review those and advise on whether you need any other paperwork, we will put the documents together and send those to the Embassy.
  6. If the Canadian Embassy invites you for an interview, you can come to one of our offices before the interview and will go through questions and the procedure and prepare you for it.
  7. If you are going to stay in Canada for over 6 months you will need to undergo the medical examination.
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