Visa to Belarus
for citizens of Ireland

Visa to Belarus

Our team of Visa support professionals in both our Dublin and our Cork office are available now to process your application for a Visa to Belarus. As the leading Visa support company in Ireland, we are hugely experienced in the processing of a wide range of Visas around the world. There is no Belarusian embassy in Ireland. This is no problem however as our United Kingdom based office will coordinate with the Visa team here to ensure that your Business Visa to Belarus is processed through them without delay.

There are several types of visas available for the Republic of Belarus:

- short-term visa, valid for up to 90 days – C;

- long-term visa – B which is valid for up to 1 year. You are entitled to stay in the Republic of Belarus for up to 90 days;

- transit visa – B;

You can apply for single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visa.

With a single entry visa you can enter the country once and stay for the period specified in the visa, but not more than 90 days.

Double entry visa give you the right to a double entry and you can stay for the period specified in the visa, but not more than 90 days.

A multiple entry visa entitles to the numerous (more than 2 times) entries, stays and departures from the Republic of Belarus for the period specified in the visa and within a specified number of days of stay, but not more than 90 days per year, unless otherwise stipulated by the international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.

Invitation Letter for travel to Belarus

In order for us to process your Work or Travel Visa to Belarus, a letter of invitation from a relevant business, hotel or other organisation is necessary in order to complete the processing of your request. Whether you are planning a short break to Belarus from Ireland on business, or are considering a longer trip as a tourist from Ireland, you need the relevant Visa and Letter of Invitation. We can guide you through this step of the process and can even provide you with a letter of invitation ourselves if necessary.

Visa to Belarus Support in UK and Ireland

We have offices around Europe that are constantly up to date regarding Visa requirements for business people and for tourists looking to travel abroad. Our offices in Ireland are in Cork and Dublin and the staff that we employ in our Visa department are experts in providing Visa support for all types of requests. Along with our Irish offices, we have a London based office that deals with all requests for Work and Travel Visas from the United Kingdom around the world. In other countries around Europe we have offices that are available to contact with any queries you have regarding your travel arrangements abroad.

Dedicated Visa support staff

All of our customer care staff are experts in the area of Visa support and can answer any queries you may have regarding your application process or Visa requirements for your trip to Belarus. They are available to discuss your Business and Tourist Visa applications in office face to face, over the phone or by email at all times. Feel free to get in contact with us now!

Belorussian visa application should include the following documents:

- passport ot travel document - it should be valid for minimum of 90 days after the expected date of departure of a foreign citizen from the Republic of Belarus.

- one photograph 35×45 mm, not older than 6 months;

- one copy of completed and signed visa application form. The visa application form should be filled out in the official language of the country where application is made or in Russian, Belarusian or English.

- medical insurance with name of insurance company and its location, phone numbers of the insurance company and full name and details of the insured person;

Please not that the insurance policy should be cover the Republic of Belarus; it should be valid for a period of temporary stay in the Republic of Belarus; the limit of indemnity should exceed 10 000 euro.

Other documents:

For a tourist visa you will also need to provide the invitation letter from a Belorussian travel agency. Our company can organize such letter for you for the fee of 60 euro.

For a business visa you will need to submit the original of the invitation from a Belorussian company that is registered as the legal entity with the Belorussian authorities.

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