As we are living in an expanding, globalised world, many companies are doing business in places outside of the European Union in countries in Asia and the Middle East. From experience, we know that a popular location for business is now in India in big cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi among others.

Business visas are intended for individuals who are coming to India to start business activity there, to research the market, to attend meetings of to attend training events in the Indian branch of their companies.

Many companies have office bases in India and travel frequently between Europe and their second offices and need to organise visas for staff members regularly. Whether you require a visa for training groups, conferences or meetings, we can provide you with all the information you need for a successful trip to India.

Our team of experts understand the application process for Visas to India for businesses based in European countries. We can provide single visas, or multiple visas if going as part of a group to do business in India.

Business Visas normally require the following documentation to be sent to us so that we can continue with your application process:

  • Your passport with validity of at least 180 days from application for visa along with two blank pages.
  • A recent professionally taken passport photo, 5x5cm
  • Completed Visa application form (which we are able to help you with if necessary
  • A recent bank statement or bill with your name and address clearly stated to prove your state of residency in Ireland currently (in the case that you do not hold an Irish passport).
  • Completed order form (which is available on our website)
  • Official invitation from the company in India for which you are travelling with your personal details and the duration of your stay in the country
  • Letter from you Irish employer confirming the purpose and duration of your stay in India.

Once we have been provided with these documents we will be able to proceed with your application. Visa processing times are significantly shorter if you choose to use our services.

Our visa processing times are as follows:

Normal: 5-7 working days from the receipt of your passport

Express: 1-2 working days from the receipt of your passport.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!



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